The pandemic situation made us revise our cruises and activities. City Tours and Indian Arm are for now cancelled but you can still experience a memorable journey at sea from Pender Harbour Sunshine Coast, with  family and friends living in the same household  (See details below)


We are now located in Pender Harbour, at the “Sunshine Coast Resort and Marina”. This cozy location make it a good departure point to cruise natural destination far past roads and telephone lines. Accessible only by ships or float plane, nestled at the foot of steep crazy 2000 meter-height peaks bring us to Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatterbox Falls hiding gems. A place sheltered from mass tourist and still unknow from many BC residents. It was for many years Hollywood Elite like Bob Hope, John Wayne, Walt Disney and others star summer cruise destination. The resort will offer you a nice place to settle in before your exiting journey departure and return. Information for the resort can be find at: 

Boating your way,
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Enjoy fun times on the water surrounded by your closest people. Enjoy a larger array of activities with a full day charters

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The Yacht is a Classic 43ft Chris Craft Constellation. It’s a licensed & inspected Transport Canada vessel  

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4 hours


You are a guest of the resort or visiting Pender Harbour you will not want to mist spending time on the water, chill out, enjoying a cocktail with a view or a romantic sunset. 

Half Day

4 hours

 A half day give you more time to reach further destinations such as the Skookumchuck Rapid or enjoy activities like crabbing or swimming.

Full day

8 hours

A full day will able us to reach Malibu Rapid, Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatterbox Falls. At this secluded and peaceful place we will anchor, savor the moment, enjoy great BBQ dinner, exchanging stories and laugh’s, sipping a Porto looking at the stars and falling a sleep on the chant of the Falls.   

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Your cruise involves good planning and preparation from our part, you are helping us in doing so by reserving long in advance, also because of the pandemic our availability will be more restricted.

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