Ashes Scattering at Sea

Harmony and peace of mind for your loved ones. Say farewell in the peaceful natural settings.

Our Commitment.

We understand that losing a loved one is a difficult time that needs to be attended in a professional respectful manner and consideration. The yacht will provide you a warm and cozy atmosphere and you will find support and compassion from the crew.

Funeral Service options

Attended services

Family and close friends get together for the ceremonial onboard the yacht. When cruising to the ceremonial destination, family and friends can express their experiences and memorable story they had with the departed. The Ceremonial can include release of doves, flowers, firework, and more. Catering options are also an optional add on. Fare: $350/hour *** Catering fees extra.

Unattended services

In a situation where the family is unable to attend (illness, great distance, etc), the Captain of the ship will take your loved one’s ashes along a voyage and perform a distinguished scattering on your behalf. We will welcome any requests you may have, such a particular prayer to say, a poem to recite,or music to play. Following the service you will received a video of the ceremony, GPS location. Your funeral service provider can arranged transportation to our downtown office. In all case we required a official certificate of cremation.  Fare: $375 fix cost.