Indian Arm Yacht Cruises

Why should you sail to the Indian Arm?

Enjoy a relaxing cruise with endless views, in some of the calmest waters. Situated not far from the bustling city core, the Indian Arm is one of the best getaways for people looking to enjoy a calming day off, away from their busy day to day life. People visiting the Indian Arm can enjoy a wide range of activities, from scenic boat cruises, a hike through the ancient untouched forest, wildlife watching tours or even a stop-over at the quiet village of Deep Cove for a delicious lunch.


Seals in indian arm BC during cruise

About The Indian Arm - Say Nuth Khaw Yum

The Say Nuth Khaw Yum, otherwise known as the Indian Arm Heritage Park is a 20-kilometer long ravine located in an ancient glacial fjord just north of Burrard Inlet. This fjord and the popular surrounding geological features like the Granite Falls were formed during the tail end of the Ice Age, creating some of the breathtaking views and beloved retreats that Vancouverites love so dearly. This wildlife conservation park features a bunch of great points of interest to check out during your cruise with us including many glacial lakes, spectacular shoreside landscapes, and several large waterfalls.