Sunshine Coast Yacht Cruises

Why should you sail to the Sunshine Coast?

Visitors to the Sunshine Coast can enjoy a very diverse list of attractions that would satisfy any and every visitor’s interests. Hike through the Sunshine Coast Trail, forage through the many local art studios and immerse yourself in the vibe of the peaceful maritime communities, enjoy delicious locally grown food with craft beer or even explore the diverse natural landscape of the Sunshine Coast. The options are endless, whatever you’re looking for in your vacation, the Sunshine Coast is sure to deliver.


About the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a part of the southern BC coast just east of the Strait of Georgia, only accessible by boat, it’s known for being one of the most popular boating destinations on the West Coast. This destination offers something for everyone, from mesmerizing west coast sunsets and endless sightseeing to a cultural and gastronomic exploration of the plethora of communities on the Sunshine Coast.