Sunshine Coast boat tours

Cruise Details

During this boat tour of Vancouver city center’s coastline, passengers will have the chance to a choice of key attractions such as Stanley Park, English Bay, Lion’s Gate Bridge and Canada Place. Our cruise will start our in False Creek and we will circle around the coastline in the direction of the Sunshine Coast, seeing two additional points of interest on the way, Atkinson Point Lighthouse and Bowen Island. Another option that allows your group to really get a view of the city from a yacht’s perspective is sailing in the direction of Canada place.


Please note that this is a short cruise, and it does not give us enough time to offer food service, but passengers are welcome to bring their own alcohol or arrange cocktail catering in advance.


honu yacht bowen island boat tour


Looking for a new way of getting together for a fine meal and a drink? this summer spice things up with a private boating cruise to Bowen Island with a 2 hour stop over. Visit the small rustic village of Bowen island and head over to one of the island’s terrace restaurants, or enjoy a refreshing brew at the well known local pub!

half day sunshine coast tour

Half day in the Sunshine Coast

Get a feel of the mighty BC wilderness without leaving too far away from the city. On this 4 hour cruise, circle the local islands, horseshoes bay, Bowen Island, Gambier Island, and the Keats island in the mouth of the Sunshine Coast that is only accessible by yacht. When the time of year is right killer whales can be spotting feeding in this area.

Full day sunshine coast boat tour

Full day Sunshine Coast at Halkett Bay Marine Provincial Park

On a full day with us in the Sunshine Coast head over to sheltered Halkett Bay on Gambier Island (biggest island of four islands in the Howe sound), one of the favorite destinations for boaters for a day on the water due to its close proximity from Vancouver. Mix up things a little with some time for aqua fun such as swimming and kayaking as well as on land activities. Discover  Halkett Bay Marine provincial park’s various nature trails and it’s impressive 2000 ft Mount Artaban.